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Top 10 Rule of Casual Sex

Engaging in casual sex is considered a desperate action, but people yearn to have it. In our society, sex is placed on a pedestal creating sort of anxiety in the mind. It should be viewed as a regular activity, and it shall be such a fantastic thing to do. In every positive, some negatives emerge. To evade the negativity, you should be responsible and enjoy the pleasure. The following are tips and rules about casual sex and how you can experience it without regrets.

1. Are you ready?

The first question you need an answer is whether you are ready to indulge yourself in casual sex? It can be intimidating but you should think about it in depth. You need the courage to take the first step. In most cases, someone in casual sex is rarely interested in a serious relationship. Whenever one of the individuals is astounding in many ways, a high chance of falling for them is high. If they are not interested in the relationship, you should not cling on them. Sex is natural and can create a bond between two people. You should be vigilant not to get yourself in an awkward situation.

2. No Cuddle Policy

Many individuals will want to cuddle after sex. You should resist the temptation to cuddle. Cuddles initiates intimacy, but you should remember it is casual. A simple cuddle can lead to a path of regret. Experiment as much as you want, have fun, explore your fantasies and control your emotions. Concentrate on your purpose to avoid sparking any intimate feelings.

3. Assert Your Power

You should have it in mind that you have power in making decisions. You should not let anyone manipulate you and treat you like a toy. Establish rules before you start and stick to them. You should know that the other individuals there for you to pleasure them and pleasure you in return. The relationship should start there and end immediately as well.

4. Beware of Neighbors!

Before engaging in sex with someone who lives nearby, think hard. A partner living near you and you will run into them from time to time. It is one of the things you don’t want to happen. Find someone who lives farther from your residence to make your life more private.

5. Never Overthink

Once you start digging deep into thoughts about casual sex, you will get depressed and stressed out for nothing. Don’t overthink about what anyone says to you at any time. Have fun and enjoy your income.

6. Establish Boundaries

You should set boundaries to prevent the individual from initiating some unruly behavior. Whenever anyone breaks the terms set, cut them off on your list to avoid the bad conduct. Some of the rules never spend a night together, avoid being jealous among others. Someone who respects you will not break the rules once they are made clear to them.

7. Keep Separate from Casual Sex Life Separate

Ensure that your daily life is kept separate from the casual sex life. Avoid introducing your partners to your friends. You will avoid any negative consequences, and you will enjoy the benefits of your work. In case things go unexpected, you will quickly end things without any attachment to the person.

8. Spice it up

You will at times have the same individual multiple times. You can give them an advantage and try to spice up thing a bit. Having the same trend all the time can lead to boredom hence losing your esteemed individuals. Explore more by understanding each other’s likes. For example, try and change sex positions and the activities within. Never shy when experimenting something new because you might end up loving the experience.

9. Ensure you are Honest to Yourself

If casual sex is taking a negative effect on you, take a turn without hesitating. Remember you are just there for fun and the income. You are not obliged to keep going if you feel miserable. If you are falling in love with your partner, ask yourself if they are feeling the same. Don’t jump or force anything to happen. Keep your heart open and no attachments.

10. Have Fun

Keep it in mind that your whole point casual sex is having fun. If you are not having fun in the first attempt, try and change partners to pursue the intended fun. You should not let anyone stop you from doing it, explorer-like an expert. Always look for whatever that makes you happy.