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Find Ladyboys In Bangkok


This post will inform you as to the top ten areas in Bangkok that you will be able to find ladyboy partners who are not prostitutes. Anyone can go into the red light district, go to a ladyboy Go Go and pay them for some fun. However, if you want something more, keep reading.

Generally, it is easier for tourists to never see a ladyboy than to not see one. They know where tourists visit more often than not and make themselves available there.

However, it is harder if you are looking to hook up with a ladyboy that is not a prostitute. That is a lot more difficult to pull off, but it can be done.

We do not claim that all ten of our options listed below are going to be great or even something that you can do, and you may have to always wonder if whether the ladyboy you meet is a prostitute or not–but this is better than nothing. We, like you, are trying to make the best of the situation–nothing ventured is nothing gained, right?

If you want to track a particular “type” of person down, the best place to start is the internet. Technology has advanced in the last few years, and this is an easy and quick place to begin.


This is one of the largest transgender dating sites on the internet, particuarly since it is based in one of the largest cities known to have ladyboys around. You can use this site to try and set up dates with ladyboys within Bangkok, which should be relatively easy since there are hundreds who live in the city.

All sites on this list try their best to filter out the prostitutes, but it isn’t a perfect system and some may filter through. However, something that helps with this site is that they do offer to hook you up with ladyboys all over the world–just like in the Philippines or Brazil.

You can use this site no matter where you are–perhaps even try to find a trans date in your own hometown.

How to meet non-escort ladyboys in Thailand


This is the best online dating website in Thailand–and it is full of ladyboys who are single and looking. One of the great things about this site is that you can filter your options so that you only find ladyboys in Bangkok.

This site is free, although you can make your experience better with extra features if you pay to use it. If you want to find a serious relationship, use ThaiFriendly.


How to meet sexy ladyboys normally, not in Go Go bars

This is the only other official dating site based in Thailand. Again, you can filter your search options so only ladyboys from Bangkok (or any other city) will show.

This site will never steer you wrong.

Using Dating Apps

You can use dating apps, but they are not very effective against filtering out prostitutes who will also use the app. Also, users on dating apps tend to be a lot flakier because they did not go through the trouble of setting up a profile like you have to on a dating app.

Silom Soi 2

These next few apps are slightly controversial, as they are found in the gay area of Bangkok. Some ladyboys like to party with gay guys, but it is mostly made up of gay men.

One of the best bars in Silom Soi 2 is DJ Station, however there are several more great bars as well.

Silom Soi 4

This is very close to Silom Soi 2, practically next door–but the Balcony Bar is available in this area. Mostly gay men come here, although some trans do come–but it is one of the better options when it comes to actual, physical buildings to meet ladyboys who are not prostitutes.

Soi Twilight

This is the best place to go for a ladyboy massage.

This is located in Silom as well, and again is made up mostly of gay men and the occassional ladyboy who wants to hook up with you, and not get paid for it.

Dreams can come true, right? Keep trying….

Shopping Malls

This is where you should start praying, because it is difficult enough to pick up a woman in a shopping mall, and they are in every mall in the entire world.

When you go to the mall and attempt to hook up with a ladyboy, you could pray to Budha before you begin–maybe you will get lucky and meet a trans ladyboy.


The BTS will have all sorts of people using it–so it is not guaranteed that you will see or meet a ladyboy on it–but you could get lucky. You never know unless you try!

It is not very private, which may be a consideration while you are trying to hook up with someone.

The Street

Ladyboys in the streets of Bangkok

This is the absolute last option we would give to you. If you decide to do this, do not do it in a tourist heavy area, as most, if not all of the ladyboys you meet there will be prostitutes–which defeats the entire purpose of this article. There will be fewer to meet, but that is the price you pay if you do not want to hook up with a prostitute.

Outside of specific dating sites, your search will take a lot of luck on your part.

Dating a prostitute

Not all ladyboy prostitutes in Bangkok are terrible people, but you have to decide if you think they are wanting a real, lengthy, and serious relationship with anyone. Would you be able to forget or disregard that you met them in a Go Go bar or a massage parlor?

There are several ladyboy prostitutes who are looking to get out of the sex trade by meeting a nice man, although they know that being able to trust you and vice versa would be a difficult thing to do.

This is a very personal decision that only you can make, so we recommend that you do plenty of research before making your decision. Again, they are not difficult to find as all you have to do is go into any touristy areas, or massage parlors or Go Go bars.

Good luck finding the right ladyboy for you!

It is hard finding a partner even under the most benign circumstances–but because ladyboys are so very rare, it is even harder finding them to begin with, let alone the right one for you. Remember, don’t sacrifice your happiness or needs–go slow, be sure of your feelings before you express yourself to the other person.

Online dating is one of the easiest ways to meet a ladyboy, outside of massage parlors and Go Go bars, and we hope you’ll consider the ones we’ve listed. Good luck finding non-prostitute ladyboys the next time you are in Bangkok.